Nerdy & Likes Experiences

This profile is usually fun to buy for because they are often passionate about their hobbies and they talk about it enough to a give you good idea which direction to go once you get a nudge. This list below is meant to be that nudge…some of them may be more general in nature but they could morphed to your specific man. (Just like all other sections, the links below are usually just examples, and do include affiliate links where possible. Sometimes though, they’re just general links to the companies’ sites.)

  • Amtrak trip – this would set you out as a unique and creative girlfriend or wife. Who thinks to go on trains anymore?! Maybe take a week off and enjoy a ride.
  • Stand-up comedian tickets – a lot of guys like standup, but have never experienced going to a live show. Don’t know who he might like, take a peek at the podcasts he listens to for ideas (most hosts are comedians it seems), or find someone to “try” together.
  • Online course (ex: Ed X) – if your boyfriend has career advancement or career change desires, this could an interesting starting point for them. May be a good idea to just do a gift card, or “coupon” for the course of his choice since some may be more highly valued by their companies than others.
  • Hotel stay in town? Next city over? – This would be fun little get away, especially if you feel like you’ve already exhausted all the restaurants and venues in your town.
  • Subscription to a documentary streaming service (ex: Curiosity Stream) – we’re really only familiar with Curiousity Stream because we actually received this as a gift ourselves. It’s got awesome documentaries, and it’s super cheap (~$1/month)
  • Quantified self gift (example: Withings, Fitbit, myFitnessPal, etc.) – Great nerd gift who’s into fitness as well. These things are fun and addicting and your guy will likely end up healthier for it.
  • DNA/Blood Testing – this could be a “thing” or an “experience” I suppose, but this is a unique gift that I’m sure he’s not expecting. The link I show sends you to Circle DNA, but there are a lot of options out there.

Now on to your superpower in gift giving…just think, there isn’t probably anything the guy could buy and wear for himself that you would view as a good gift. But you can…you can make a fantasy become a reality by buying something for YOU! Check out the ideas below…all of these ideas are way cheaper than the ideas in any other category, yet they’ll get the biggest response.

Tiny thong with little tie things – Anything small, or that should cover stuff but doesn’t is a huge win. These little tie things will also pre-occupy his brain like a cat, especially if you let them show them outside the top of your pants.

Expose everything with choker and eye mask – You’ll confuse him into being turned on. I’m guessing this is far from what is typical, and so the shock will drive him crazy.

Strappy harness thing – I don’t know how you’re going to put this on, but you’ll probably be the only girl in his life that’s ever worn something like this for him. You’ll stand out amongst all other mortals, and he’ll drool. Mission complete.