Nerdy & Likes “Things”

Ok, so you’re boyfriend is a bit heady and he prefers receiving “things” over “experiences” for his gifts. Below we’re going to give you multiple ideas for this boyfriend or husband profile, and then below that, we’re going to give you some sexy gift ideas that any man would love. (Just a heads up, all the links below are affiliate links, but we still pick gifts based on what we feel are ideal for this profile, and don’t gear our recommendations to maximize affiliate revenues, like other sites may).

Raspberry Pi (4) – a mini computer that he probably knows about even if you don’t. It’s way cheaper than a computer but can do really powerful stuff (like making a smart mirror, automated, robots, etc., etc., etc.)

Adult Lego Set – to be honest we didn’t realize how big and expensive these things can get, but that’s what makes it perfect — you can right-size this gift to your budget and to his interests. It’s one of those things your man wants, but may not want to admit he bought himself.

Laser Level – if he’s a nerdy, handyman this thing is addicting and cool. It lets you line up things around the house on different planes. This is another item that has a wide range in prices, so we’ve linked to a budget friendly one, but it goes way up from there. Our only advice is, make sure it has both planes.

Old School Arcade game – did you know you can buy these things on Amazon?? Can get quite expensive, especially if you buy the full size ones. The one linked to here is a 4 ft. model you’d likely have to put on a table. But if you happen to know his favorite childhood game, this could be a homerun gift.

Sous Vide – Nerdy cook in your life? These things are cool, you can bring anything up to a designated temperature and keep it there infinitely for quick finishing cooking while keeping everything juicy. These things used to be thousands of dollars and only available for restaurants, but now their cheap and available to the public

Gallium – What??? You can buy this stuff on Amazon? It’s like mercury in how it behaves, but it’s not as dangerous. If you get this, I’d look into buying an aluminum lock and showing him this video, because it looks like a magic trick (if you don’t feel like watching, it literally turns certain other metals into play-doh consistency).

Woodworking air filtration – woodworking nerd in your life? This is another one, that’s a “love to have” but don’t want to spend my own money on…that makes it a perfect gift, and keeps him healthier in the long-term.

Phone (update to the newest model) – Does he have an old iPhone or Android phone. He probably justifies keeping the old one by saying the new features aren’t worth the cost; but deep down, he wants the new one.

Headphones (update to newest model) – same idea as the phone but will be the cheaper option. He’d keep the old ones until they broke, but the news ones have all the cool new shit!

Nice Mechanical Pencil – Did you know that there is a subreddit with ~47k people in it for Mechanical Pencils? These are cool little engineering marvels that you can use in your everyday life. If he’s not into the hobby now, he may be in the near future. The one we link to is a great pencil that could get the hobby juices flowing without breaking the bank for you.

Suit – This is the only item that makes both the nerd/bro lists because a well-made suit is bad ass. Even if your guy hates dressing up, there will inevitably be events in his life that require a suit. Secretly he wants to have one that looks great, but may not want to initiate the purchase on his own. We recommend setting up a fitting for him or get a gift card to a local place that makes custom suits. DON’T BUY THE ONE TO THE RIGHT, this was just to keep the spacing right…this is just an off-the-rack number.

            Ok, now onto the stuff he’ll really love. He loves you and thinks you’re smoking hot, trust us…every guy wants to see their girl in crazy lingerie, but they don’t know where to start without getting into potential hot-water. If they bought you what they really want to see you in, they’re worried it’s going to backfire and you’re going to think it’s trashy. If you buy it, then we’re off the hook on this difficult decision. Couple tips here…guys don’t want “seductive”, “cute” or “playful”…they want, “show-it-all-right” now stuff that they only think exists in their dreams. You may worry he thinks is trashy. He doesn’t! he wants to see everything right now! Here’s another little hot tip: buy two. One for him to open, and then one to have under your clothes to flash him when he inevitable swoons at what he’s just opened. Boom…best birthday/Christmas/Father’s Day, etc. ever! (Also, we’ve added this idea in all four sections — but we advise you to buy two of the sexy ideas. They’re cheap, and you can put one in a box to rile him up, and then flash him one you’re already wearing under your clothes to completely short circuit his brain.

            Sexy schoolgirl costume – it’s cliche for a reason. We know girls always want to “feel sexy” in something before they wear it…we don’t know how you’ll feel, but trust us, we know how he’ll think you’ll look — like a freaking fantasy. In all honesty though, it doesn’t matter if it’s a school girl costume or not…the real draw is a skirt that is too small to cover anything, and that you’re confident enough to wear it for him.

            Choker empty top with crotchless thong – you may think he wants “tasteful” lingerie, but if you asked him and he’s being honest, he wants “trashy” lingerie. Everything exposed from the jump is a super attention getter and he might hyperventilate.

            Micro g-string – if it has micro in the name, he’s gonna love it. He may not go to strip clubs or watch porns, but he knows what they may wear…and he wants you to wear it too.