Gift ideas for a new dad

Is your boyfriend or husband a new dad? We know most of the gifts this year will be geared towards you and the baby, and for good reason; but, if you’re in a giving mood, here are some good gift ideas that we know he’ll love. Also, just a heads up, a lot of sites out there will recommend “cheesy/memory” gifts. He doesn’t really want that, or at least he doesn’t want JUST that. He wants functional gifts. (Full disclosure, a lot of the recommendations below are affiliate links. We are, however, focused on listing items we think he’ll truly love — not ones that just increase affiliate revenue.)

  • Fitness watch/iWatch – Being hands free is helpful with the baby, but keeping track of health metrics is also a plus during this phase of his life
  • Coffee Maker – you both will be needing more caffeine so this one helps both of you. There are tons of coffee brewing methods out there, so pick which one works best for him…just make sure it’s quiet (no grinding/espresso, etc.)
  • Coffee – he may have a favorite coffee, but this one is known for having a higher caffeine content.
  • Wireless headphones – if he doesn’t have them already, he’ll likely need them. Late nights with a baby are a pain in the butt if you’re worrying about wires.
  • New gaming console (Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 5) – If you’re balling like that, this would be HUGE. You could leave him and the kid alone. Baby resting in dad’s lap with a bottle and dad playing Madden. You could be doing ANYTHING else.
  • New Grill – This is another one that could get high dollar quickly, so it may not be in the budget. But if you’re loaded, and want your dude to make a bunch of delicious meals for you, consider a new grill. I’m linking to Traeger because it feels like the new “trend” brand. But in its defense – it both grills and smokes, and it allows for set it and forget it, which is beneficial with a little one around.
  • Sports package of his favorite league (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB) – This one will take a little research to determine which cable system you have or how else you’ll be able to acquire it. But he wants this…bad. And you’d be a superstar.
  • Domain Name – Consider coming up with a clever name or even his name or the kid’s name. Their cheap, the link above is ~$7 for the first year. Then it usually jumps to like $20 from there on out, annually.
  • Audible subscription – This is great for handsfree reading, when he’s feeding the baby, walking the baby, changing the baby, etc., etc., etc.
  • Sports gear (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB) – but we don’t recommend you getting the actual gear. Get a gift card, and let him choose so you know he gets the right thing or size.
  • Trip (for you both) – rent a car, or stay in town at a nearby hotel. Invite the parents up or hire a babysitter, but try to take a night to yourself to relive your pre-child life.
  • Stand-up Comedy – Another gift for you both cloaked as a gift for him. Get out and laugh. Find someone he likes by looking through his podcast list.
  • Sports tickets – he’ll love it, and even if you don’t like the sport it gets you out of the house too.

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