Gift ideas for a jiu jitsu boyfriend or husband

Do you have a jiu jitsu boyfriend or husband? Obviously they aren’t all the same, but there is a high likelihood they’ll like the gift ideas listed below. (As with all the blogs and the tool, we use affiliate links where possible to help fund the site, but we base our idea selection on what he thinks he may actually like, vs maximizing our affiliate revenue):

  • High end tutorial video – BJJ Fanatics is a well-known entity that sells tutorials. Not sure what to get? Anything John Danaher would probably go over nicely, or just don’t risk it and get a gift card so he can decide.
  • Jiu Jitsu Gi – This might be a risky one, since he may have a favorite brand or line. And even then, the manufacturing of gis is so wonky that even the same size from the same company may not fit the same. Make sure whatever you pick has an easy refund policy. Check his bag for the size (should be A-(some number)). And I wouldn’t go outside of white or blue on color — some gyms can be weird about it.
  • Gym Bag – If he has one already, assuming it’s not falling apart this also may be a risky one. Just because it might look “rough”…it may have some sentimental value.
  • Audible Subscription – This may seem weird, but most jiu jitsu guys are outwardly or secretly nerds. They also tend to listen to a lot of podcasts where interesting books are recommended (think ala Joe Rogan)
  • Defense foam/soap/wipes – he probably wants these, but they can get a little pricey so he may not buy them. You also want this, but may not know…this will keep him from bringing back creepy crawlies on his skin back home
  • T-shirt/Gear from his local gym – know what gym he goes to? Look at their site, or call in to the gym, let them know who you are…and get him some t-shirts or other branded gear from his local gym.

Now on to the stuff we really knows he’ll want. You in something ridiculously sexy. If you’re into it, he’s going to flip his lid when he sees you in lingerie. But it’s important to note, what guys want in lingerie is rarely what the girl thinks he wants. We don’t want flirty, mysterious, or anything but “freaky”. The less it covers the better. If it doesn’t cover anything that’s even better. Per our typical recommendation, buy two. One to put in a box for him to open and get excited about, and then to be wearing underneath whatever you’re wearing when you give him the gift. He will get an uncomfortable amount of turned on, where he won’t be able to stand or sit in one place.

  • Mesh “thing” – if you wore only this with nothing underneath his head’s going to pop off.
  • Crotchless garter lingerie – even though the term crotchless is a turn off, the actual lingerie concept is instant Viagra. And the leg/garter thing is like fantasy world stuff in his brain
  • Nurse lingerie? – They make this…this is two birds with one stone. Sexy Halloween costume fantasy, AND sexy lingerie costume. Good luck being able to pick him up when all the blood rushes out of his head.
  • Jade Crotchless Panty in Syrah/Black, Size 2X | Frederick's of Hollywood

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