Gift ideas for an entrepreneur boyfriend or husband

Have a boyfriend that’s curious about starting a side hustle or already running their own small business? Here is a list of gift ideas that will get him amped, and make you look like a superstar. (Like all other lists, our goal is to list items we truly feel he will love, but where possible we’ve also included affiliate links where we get a small commission. It does not cost you extra, and we are making decisions best on the best gifts — not what maximizes earnings).

  • Domain Name – you could buy him the name you think would be good, or you could promise to pay for whatever name he chooses for multiple years. This will show your confidence in him, and it may also jumpstart him from overthinking it. And hey, if the business kills it, you now have a great origin story to tell.
  • Web hosting – AWS is probably the most flexible and scalable for massive growth, but it can have a bit of a learning curve. The one we link to, however, is BlueHost which is a great affordable beginner host that would suffice for most use cases. If he does outgrow it, that means he’s killing it, and migrating it to AWS shouldn’t be an issue. Others in this same “ball park” that you may be more familiar with are GoDaddy, InMotion, Host Gator.
  • Audible membership – it seems like most entrepreneurial folks always have a long list of books in their “to-read” list. This should help speed things up
  • Solo Hotel trip – give him the gift of a week or a weekend out of the house to do nothing but think and grind on his idea.
  • Fancy notebook and pencils – notetaking also seems to be a common trait of a lot of entrepreneurials. Let him write his head out on and with fancy shit.
  • Noise cancelling earbuds – The newest Pixel buds or Airpods should do the trick with their noise cancellation technologies. Keep out everything else while he puts in work.
  • Fiverr Job/Fiverr Business Account – I don’t think they offer gift cards, so you may have to just create an account for him, and offer to cover a gig for him. Or you could sign up for their newer “business account“. If you’re not familiar, this a place where he can hire freelancers at amazing rates to do things for yourself or your business (like creating a logo, creating a blog article, research, voiceover, etc. etc.)
  • Sit down/Stand up desk – These are awesome and surprisingly affordable.

Alright, now on to what he really wants. He wants to see his smoking hot girlfriend or wife in the skimpiest of skimpy lingerie. Not “mysterious” or “cute” or “sensual” …he wants “freaky-fantasy”. What we typically recommend is give him one to open and then also be wearing one on under what you’re wearing that you can flash him to set him off. These are basically the cheapest of all the gift ideas, and trust us, these will be the biggest bang for the buck memory-making-wise for him.

  • Bunny fishnet thing with eyemask – We don’t know if eyemasks are a new trend or we just didn’t see them before, but there is something novel and “dirty-in-a-good-way” about them.
  • Not covering anything teddy – this is what lingerie really should be. You may think we wouldn’t want this, but this is ALL we want in lingerie. We want you to feel so confident in yourself that you cover everything but what is typically covered. It’s mind altering.
  • Bodycon see-thru dress – We picked the cheapest one we could find. In and of itself, it’s freaky hot. Even hotter, since it’s so cheap, you could tell him to rip it off of you, if you wanted. That way too, if you decide you don’t like it’s easy to explain why it’s only a one-time wear.

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