What to get my DIY-er husband or birthday for a gift

Need gift ideas for your man that’s into DIY? Well one good thing is that he’s probably interested in almost everything. Even things he’s not even actively involved in, or even knows about. That’s just the nature of this type of thinker. So buying gifts for this type of husband or boyfriend can be fun and freeing — it may just not feel like that now. Below you will find a mix of “things” and “experiences” gift ideas that we think your boyfriend or husband will love. (Note: where possible we’ve used affiliate links for products so in the event you buy them we get a commission (you still pay the standard price). That being said, we truly listed gifts we think he’d love, and not just stuff that generates commissions for the site.)

Anything that measures – If he’s DIY-ing, he needs to measure a lot of stuff. Inner dimensions, outer dimensions, lengths, widths, angles, etc. etc. You may have no idea on all the options out there. But he knows. And he wants them. (ex: digital protractor, micrometer, laser level, NICE tape measure (there are big differences between good and bad tape measures))

Online course (gift certificate?) – This an out-of-the-box idea, but if you let him pick the course (via gift card), he’s going to find a cool course that supports his current hobby or unlocks a one.

3d printer – If he doesn’t already have this, this will change his life. All the little pieces and parts he needs for projects that he either has to find or cobble together, could simply be printed out of his mind! These things are amazing, and imagine if he could brag about YOU buying it for him.

Nice digital camera (that produces video too!) – See if he’s interested in EARNING money through his DIY projects. He’s likely doing the DIY projects to save money…why not encourage him to MAKE money from it. Have him film his project, post it to YouTube for others to learn from, and for him to earn from.

Sporting Event/Comedy Show – you may not realize it, but people with a DIY mindset, often are swimming in ideas for their next project and this can get mentally exhausting. Getting him tickets to a game or a show, may allow him to free up his mind for a bit.

Saw horses – These are things that DIY-ers often make themselves, but the manufactured ones offer so many more features. This will unlock a lot more DIY projects for him, especially outside ones.

Nice notebook and mechanical pencils – We include these on a number of lists, but for this profile especially, it helps with getting ideas out of your man’s mind and onto paper. It also lets them jot quick diagrams too. Why mechanical pencil? So they can erase stuff, and because mechanical pencils have their own collector groups. Maybe he gets into a new hobby?

Soldering Iron – this can be a cheap gift idea that creates a whole new unlock for DIY ideas. He may not even be into electronics, but having this will have him on YouTube searching for ways to fix any that may not be working.

Domain name – if he’s into building websites, or even if he never has, this is a cool, unique gift idea. It may spark a revenue generating project for him. Or even just owning his name as a domain would be cool to post his work.

    Now onto the real important gifts. The gifts that literally shut down his brain, except for the tiny sliver that keeps him breathing and living. He thinks your smoking hot and wants to see you in stuff he pictures you in in his dreams. We tend to recommend (given that these can be surprisingly cheap — i.e., don’t buy expensive stuff, it’s a waste of money in this category) is to buy two. One for him to unwrap, and one to be wearing to flash him once he unwraps the other. Put a pillow down first though in case he passes out.

    Strappy mini dress thingy – Don’t wear anything under this and you may create heart issues. Don’t really like it? Ask him to tear it off and then it’s a one-time wear. No problem cause it’s cheap.

    Don’t cover anything bathing suit? – You may think we want mystery but you couldn’t be more wrong. We want raunchy, “can’t even believe it even exists as a thing” type lingerie. This is that.

    Choker nothing bra and crotchless panties – You know it’s good when they can’t even really model it. Also crotchless panties are the grossest name for one of the most sexy things ever. Can we come up with something different


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