Expensive ~$500+ Gift Ideas for Boyfriend or Husband

Alright, so good on you for wanting to break the bank on your man. In all honesty, he may not need it to be expensive to enjoy it all the same, but you’re here…so we’ll give you a hand.

Below are some mid-to-high range gift ideas — all of which are $500 or more. They include a mixture of “things” and “experiences”, and given we don’t know what hobbies you’re guy is into we span a wide range of hobby potentials. (Just a note with all other lists, some of these recommendations are tied to an affiliate link where we get a small kickback. Others are just regular old links if we don’t have the ability to link. Either way, the price to you doesn’t change and we really are linking to what we think he’ll like most.)

Pellet Smolker/Grill – There are a range of prices depending on model, but most of them run over $500. Traeger is also the trendy brand now. They’re cool because they can be grills or smokers, and there is a “set it an forget it” component to it, if he wants to go that route. Bonus on this gift, you get to eat what he cooks

Adjustable Dumbbells – ok, these aren’t quite $500, but buy him a few expensive workout shirts and there you go. These things are great because, not only is it cheaper than buying the whole set of weights individually, but it doesn’t take up nearly as much room. If you’re dude is into fitness, but doesn’t have crazy amounts of room, he’ll love these.

A laptop/MacBook?! – I mean that’s wild if you splurge and got him a freaking laptop of any kind. If you know he’s really into gaming, he’d probably prefer a non-Apple. If he loves video editing/design, he’ll prefer an Apple. Now, this link takes you to Amazon, which we just found out doesn’t have license to sell the newest version of Apple products, so this is an older version — but it is free returns which is a plus, just in case.

Nice digital camera (that produces video too!) – I know he has the video on his phone, but this could spark a new hobby/interest. Either photography/videography itself, or he could film his future hobby (and even post it on YouTube.

Vitamix – It doesn’t matter if he’s a health nut or just a power freak, he’ll find a use for this premier blender. Show him the YouTube videos of this turning iPhones and other stuff into dust.

PlayStation 5/XBOX Series X – They probably won’t be over $500 for long, but they also won’t be as hard to get. We link to Amazon/eBay here, but sometimes it just says “available by invitation” which is a new one for us. Hopefully that goes away once stock levels go back up.

Take him on a big trip/cruise – this is good for those experiential gift loving guys. We recommend working with a travel agent. We’ve used one and you don’t pay anything extra or it’s minimal at most (~$100). They set up the whole trip and get kickbacks from the service providers. Meanwhile you get concierge level service based on your desires for the trip. (We recommend finding a local travel agency vs. the national guys — but we’ve linked to Expedia simply for destination ideation.

Nice speakers (Sonos) – A nice set of speakers to put through the house or apartment, help when working around the house or entertaining. The Sonos’ ones are notorious for being incredibly user friendly to set up for the best sound/acoustics.

Saw-stop table saw – If he’s into woodworking, even if he already has a table saw, tell him to sell the old one and use this one. It can sense if any body part touches it and it magically stops before it can so much as tickle you. Watch YouTube videos on it…it’s as close to magic as the real word gets. The link to the left is from Amazon. It’s wild this thing is on Amazon, but you could probably get it faster from a local spot.

Newest iPhone or Android phone model – he may claim he doesn’t need the features of the newest version…but really, he just doesn’t want to PAY for those features. If you bought it, it’s the coolest phone in the world suddenly.

Hydrow/Peloton/Tonal – A new age workout system would be cool. Definitely more than $500 though, and most require a membership fee too to get the most value out of them. But if you got this, it would probably be WELL received.

CNC Router – these things are like reverse 3d printers. You come up with an idea on a computer and the tool cuts it out. It’s awesome. X-Carve probably has higher brand recognition in this space, but they don’t sell on Amazon, so not sure on shipping.

3D Printer | Large Capacity Print – You can certainly get 3D printers for under $500, but the higher you go in price, the bigger the print capacity (and the “regular” ones can be quite small) and/or the more precise the print quality. This quickly becomes an issue once the novelty wears off, so buy a big one, or a precise one. We linked to a big one, because precise ones require a ton of variables to maintain precision. Big is just big — and opens up a lot more build ideas.

Drone with long flight time and nice camera – you may think he’s not into drones. HE may even think he’s not into drones…until he has one. These things are bonkers future-type shit. I’ve included an older DJI model in the link, which is ~$600. Newer versions can go double this easily, with features he may not even use if he’s new to dronery.

New Custom Suit – we don’t recommend buying him one directly. Get a gift card, or set up a fitting for him at a local custom tailor. This would be one of the few clothing-related gifts that are truly exciting. Every dude wants to look sweet in a suit, but they don’t want to set up the custom fitting, let alone pay for the “extravagance” — “I’ll just get a crummy one off the rack”. DO NOT BUY THE SUIT ON THE LEFT, we just needed an image to use.

Blood work – We haven’t used this yet ourselves, but it sounds pretty baller. You can shop “Inside Tracker” that we link to (even though it’s not even an affiliate), but there are many options out there. This is just the one that gets the most airtime on Andrew Huberman’s podcast — which there is a high likelihood he listens to.

Ok, so you bought him the expensive thing. That’s great, and we’re sure he’ll love it. But we got his back, and so we want you to know what he really wants. He wants to have some fantasy file in his brain of you wearing stuff like what’s listed below. Some sort of lingerie that is mind-boggling freaky. Not mysterious, not sensual, not sexy — freaky. Break his brain. And please don’t spend a lot on this. He will have absolutely no clue how much you spent. And since the things we’re listing are so cheap, go ahead and get two. Wear one underneath your clothes, and hand him one in a box. He’ll forget about the actual gift for awhile. We promise.

Fishnet stockings – these are things he thinks he only gets to see on TV or porn. Here’s the key to taking this to the infinity level though. Don’t where anything underneath these. You’ve officially broken him from being able to think about anything else.

Choker thing that doesn’t cover anything it’s supposed to – this is really what lingerie should be. Pretend to be clothing, but literally don’t cover anything that’s typically covered. You don’t think he’ll like this? You don’t know how you’ll look? These are silly questions, because the only thing you’ll really need to answer is how to keep him from shutting up about you needing to wear it all the time. Oh and try some unique color that you don’t usually wear.

See-thru bikini with g-string bottoms – this isn’t even lingerie, but it’s wild. He’ll fantasize like you are wearing this to a beach with him. That’s an incredibly sexy idea, but he doesn’t really want anyone else to see you in this…this will give him the best of both scenarios – fantasy/security speaking.

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