Valentine gift ideas for your boyfriend or husband

Well good on you for even thinking of getting your man a Valentine’s Day gift. So many women expect to receive but don’t expect to give on this day, so you’re already ahead of many other girlfriends and wives. That being said, we also understand why you’re here. It’s tough to come up with masculine Valentine’s Day gift idea, when let’s face it, the holiday is so feminine.

But therein lies the clue to successful Valentine’s Day gift giving to guys. Find something that reminds him of his masculinity. As cliche, or cringy as that may sound, he’s probably doing the reverse for you, in his lump of a gift-giving brain. He’s thinking, “Errerr, what will make her feel special, feminine, and desired.” (Well the thoughtful ones try to do this at least.)

You need to think. How can I make my guy feel masculine? Let’s just be stereotypical and fun and enjoy this day of sexiness and love. Below are a list of ideas we’ve come up with. (Where possible we’ve linked with affiliate links but in other cases it’s simply just a link. Either way we’re picking what we think he’ll really wants, not just stuff we have affiliate links to).

Sports tickets – obviously he’s probably taking you out for dinner so you should get tickets for a following week. Not all sports are available at this time of year, so hopefully he likes hockey, basketball, or MMA or this might not work

Fancy booze – he’s getting you a bouquet of flowers, why not get him a bouquet of booze. Maybe flip it over and wrap the bottom in green crepe paper? Or you can get him booze paraphernalia too.

Smoker – this might put you out of budget for a Valentine’s Day gift, but if he regularly goes all out, maybe you could match him one year.

Hotel room – if you just emailed him the receipt, that would be a sexy and nice surprise.

Nitric Oxide Booster supplement – he’ll know what’s up.

Video Game – this one only really works if you’ve overheard one he wants but hasn’t gotten yet. Otherwise it may be a must.

Fragrance/Lotion – here’s an opportunity for you to get him smelling like you want him smelling under the guise of a gift.

Book/Audible subscription – This works especially well if you overheard a book he wants, or that’s popular in the field/hobby he dabbles in. Obviously the book would probably be the more “personalized” gift, but we list Audible, because the likelihood of knowing what book he wants is probably low.

Vibrator/sex toy – honestly pick something out that you really want. He’ll think it’s sexy regardless. But what we linked to is disguised as a gift for him to wear, but really it’s for you. The gift for him is just the anticipation of using it.

    Now on to the really fun gift ideas. The lingerie. If you’re doing it right, it will be the cheapest gift you get, and by far the most impactful. Let’s go ahead and get something sexy that he’ll love, and if you end up hating it, just tell him to rip it off of you. Two birds with one stone, he thinks you’re trying to be even sexier and you get to throw it away later. Our suggestion, as always, is to get two outfits. One to give him in a present, and one to flash him under your clothes as you give it to him. As men, we can attest that this is fucking wild in a good way. (Want general guidance on purchasing lingerie for your man check out this blog post)

    Crotchless Teddy – terrible, terrible name. Amazing, amazing thing. This is the type of stuff he fantasizes about.

    Fishnet skirt and top – if you wear this with nothing on underneath, you’ll either shorten or lengthen his life from pleasure. We’re not sure which one, we just know it’d be life changing.

    Insanely naughty nurse outfit – This thing checks so many “yes” boxes. It covers nothing, which is truly what we want. And there is a costume component to it. If you came into the room wearing this, fuck. He’s a lucky dude.

    Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your boyfriend or husband.

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