Last minute gifts for your boyfriend or husband – lingerie to the rescue

Running out of time or ideas for what to get your boyfriend or husband as a gift? The standard cheat code option in this situation is: lingerie. Most men have pretty basic needs. One of those is seeing their smoking hot wife or girlfriend wearing “clothes” that don’t really cover anything they are supposed to.

One great advantage of lingerie, is the cost. Some of the most provocative and “effective” lingerie is dirt cheap. Don’t spend a lot on it, because he won’t have the slightest clue what you spent, and he couldn’t care less. He wants it on you, then he wants it off you, then he wants to fantasize later about you in the in-it out-of-it process.

A second benefit of of lingerie is if you don’t like it…just tell him to rip it off of you. He’ll think you’re trying to be sexy, and meanwhile you get to throw it away after. Conversely, if you do like it, you can wear the same thing over and over again, and his dumb brain will still get the same “pop” every time.

Here’s what to get him!

Here are some quick pick-ups from Amazon. He’s going to lose his mind if you get him these…and he won’t have the slightest clue you waited until the last minute.

See thru skirt thing that doesn’t cover ass – The key to this skirt is how little it’s actually acting like a skirt. So hot.

Crotchless see thru teddy – If there isn’t even a model showing it because it’s too revealing, that’s ideal.

More traditional with garter – not feeling as adventurous on the exposure, at least get him some garters. It’s like playing with a string around a cat. Same effect.

Straps…just straps – are you fucking serious? This is fantasy squared. This is the ideal lingerie. Everything that is supposed to be covered is perfectly exposed.

Sexy bodycon – Don’t where anything in this. He’ll fantasize that your a model that attends events where it’s ok to wear stuff like this.

Six pack of sexy – this is quantity over quality. We’re not even sure what some of these would look like on…probably pretty sexy though. If you put 5 in the box, and were wearing one, and promised to wear them through the week, that would be a bomb gift.

Nurse lingerie – we know about lingerie and we know about sexy nurse costumes, but we didn’t know they linked them. That’s perfect.

Actually sexy cat women suit – this thing is hot. It’s a callback to the “trying to be, but not quite” sexy latex cat suits. Something extra hot about the little eye mask too.

Fishnet bodysuits – Any one of these things can get it. Be sure to not wear anything underneath, and have a pillow ready underneath where his head is going to fall when he passes out.

Micro g-string – Anything micro is a win. We’re so happy these are a thing. Please get it for him.

Need some additional guidance on what type of lingerie guys want to see their women wearing? Check out our blog post on the topic.

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