All “Sexy” Gift Ideas

We have lingerie and sexy gift ideas scattered throughout the site. This is our compilation of all those recommendations.

See-thru dress “thing” – we just found out these are called chemise…no one really cares what it’s called, he’ll love it more than all the other gifts combined and this is cheap as it gets.

Fishnet lingerie WITH garter – definitely get this, garters are great, it will confuse and tantalize him. These are all good things. These are all pretty cheap on Amazon, and there are other places out there that charge a fortune…it’s cool and all, but do not spend a lot on this stuff unless you want to. We don’t care.

Full exposure top and garter – There is something freakishly sexy about the idea of not covering anything, but still technically wearing something. You may think he wants playful, or mystery — he doesn’t. He wants to see all of you now, with the fake premise of you wearing something.

Micro g-string bathing suit thing – this is just absolutely superb. Guys are so happy there are people out there making stuff like this, and they just pray they have a girl that’s down to wear it.

Sexy Nurse Outfit – he loves experiences, so don’t make him wait for Halloween to see you in a fantasy-esque outfit. Seeing this outside of the context of Halloween will add about 1000 onto the turn on factor.

Sexy schoolgirl costume – it’s cliche for a reason. We know girls always want to “feel sexy” in something before they wear it…we don’t know how you’ll feel, but trust us, we know how he’ll think you’ll look — like a freaking fantasy. In all honesty though, it doesn’t matter if it’s a school girl costume or not…the real draw is a skirt that is too small to cover anything, and that you’re confident enough to wear it for him.

Choker empty top with crotchless thong – you may think he wants “tasteful” lingerie, but if you asked him and he’s being honest, he wants “trashy” lingerie. Everything exposed from the jump is a super attention getter and he might hyperventilate.

Micro g-string – if it has micro in the name, he’s gonna love it. He may not go to strip clubs or watch porns, but he knows what they may wear…and he wants you to wear it too.

Tiny thong with little tie things – Anything small, or that should cover stuff but doesn’t is a huge win. These little tie things will also pre-occupy his brain like a cat, especially if you let them show them outside the top of your pants.

Expose everything with choker and eye mask – You’ll confuse him into being turned on. I’m guessing this is far from what is typical, and so the shock will drive him crazy.

Strappy harness thing – I don’t know how you’re going to put this on, but you’ll probably be the only girl in his life that’s ever worn something like this for him. You’ll stand out amongst all other mortals, and he’ll drool. Mission complete.

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