Stocking stuffer ideas for your boyfriend or husband

Stocking stuffer ideas for your boyfriend

Stocking stuffers are really fun gifts to receive for us guys (they probably are for you to, but we only know us. We’re dumb). We get excited when we lift that big, decorative sock filled with tiny gifts. The suspense of what awaits gets us in the holiday mood, and actually opening them gives us little pops of dopamine. (Speaking of which, it’s critical that you wrap all stocking stuffers regardless of how small or funny it may look. Opening the gift is half the fun). The gifts can be cheap, thoughtful, funny, serious, useful, etc. The opportunities and ideas abound.

Wrap ALL the gifts no matter how small. Half the fun is opening the things!

We have listed our recommended stocking stuffer ideas for your boyfriend below. Obviously, some customization will be needed to fit your man’s personality, but we’re sure we hit on at least a couple ideas he’ll love.

Also, don’t be surprised when we sprinkle in some of the best ideas — the sexy time ones. Because one often overlooked opportunity for stocking stuffers is, turning him on — and we certainly don’t skimp on ideas in this category. As always, our stocking stuffer idea links are affiliate links where possible, but you using those specific links isn’t our end goal. The real objective is you getting stocking stuffer ideas that we know he’ll love.

Nice Mechanical Pencils – Alright, we know these make a lot of lists, but we love these things. They feel heavy and precise. They just feel expensive even though they aren’t.

Meat thermometer – these things are great for grillers or cooks. They are also for you, if you want to eat fully cooked meats.

Cool little book – we heard that “Power to Create” book is a game changer if he’s in need of some inspiration to make and move.

Sex toy – this one will catch him off guard, and he’ll like it. His heart will be pounding all through brunch just thinking about later in the day.

Nitric oxide supplement – getting supplements of any kind is a cool stocking stuffer idea. The Nitric Oxide supplement is just a double whammy. It will help him while working out, and when playing with you.

Lowe’s/Home Depot/Menards Gift Cards ~$25 – This is a fun little amount to get. It will let him pick up something that he wants, but just can’t quite justify spending the money on. Blissful relief.

Cologne – this one could get pricey, so if you already have an expensive regular gift, skip this one. But if you’re only doing stocking stuffers or something like that, this may be worth it. Make sure it’s something you like, and make sure he knows that.

Tickets – These also could get expensive for a stocking stuffer, so think local and cheap. Maybe a local college basketball game, local comedy show, or movie. We’re linking to StubHub, just so we have an image, but for this level of gift, we’d just pick them up from the actual place if possible.

Card game – we like SET, cause it’s a bit under the radar but quick to learn and addicting. Other options would be Cards Against Humanity, etc.

Raunchy Christmas themed lingerie – there are a lot of “sexy” options out there, but those aren’t it. Get something insane, and just leave it balled up in the bottom of the stocking for the end. Sheesh.

Micro g-string – similar to above. Get something eye blisteringly hot and have him pull out the tiny wad of cloth from the bottom. When he realizes what it is, he’ll drop everything.

And just a little heads up, Valentine’s Day is coming up, and admittedly guys aren’t the easiest to get stuff for. Here is a blog post with some ideas on what to get him.

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