Gift ideas for a woodworker boyfriend or husband

You may have one of the easier boyfriend or husband types to buy for. This hobby has an infinite laundry list of great gift ideas, and even if you mess up and buy something he already has, you can almost always use more than one of anything in this hobby. It’s a bottomless pit of “happiness” in that each additional gadget is a little blip of inspiration for the next project. Below we’ll list a few ideas he’s sure to like. (As with other lists, we use affiliate links where possible, but please know we truly attempt to offer what we think are the best ideas — not just something that maximizes affiliate revenues.)

  • Nice mechanical pencil – having a durable fine marking pencil is key for marking precise measurements when needed
  • Woodworking apron – Keeps him from having to look around for commonly used small tools. Also provides a small amount of protection for his body and his clothes
  • Digital angle measurement tool – woodworkers like anything that measures stuff, you’ll see that as we continue
  • Wood moisture meter – knowing moisture content lets you know if you can start working with your wood or not
  • Clamps – it may look like he has tons of these. You can never have enough. And there are way more styles than you think (I’m linking to a common one that’s helpful when making things like cutting boards or table tops…they are quite expensive though ~$100, so if he’s not making that, don’t buy these. If he is, he wants these but hates the idea of paying for them himself)
  • Marking gauge – these are great tools for a lot of projects
  • Saw horses – these are great if he works outside a lot because with some 2x4s and sheet good he can turn it into a mobile workbench too.
  • Abrasives cleaning stick – these come in handy and a lot of folks don’t have them, know about them, or have them and have worn them all the way down
  • Card scraper – a good budget gift but a handy tool to flatten out some high spots
  • Spring loaded center punch – another good budget gift that comes in handy

Now on to the real gift ideas. The sexy lingerie that all guys love. That is…if you know what he’s looking for. If you’re looking for general guidance on this topic, you can check out our blog post on buying lingerie as a gift for your man, but the short summary is he likes the least coverage possible…plain and simple. Bonus points if things that are supposed to be covered aren’t covered at all. Here’s some idea starters, but if you’d like our longer list you can check it out here.

  • Teddy bodysuit with garters – this is probably the most coverage of any piece we’ve recommended, but still sexy. Garter belts and stockings puts it over for us. Get a light color though. Black is too ho-hum.
  • Nothing but straps – The fact that they can’t even model this really tells you all you need to know. This will ruin him for all future lingerie, but in a good way.
  • Lingerie dress with slits and garter – This is insanity. If you rolled up in this, he would kinda see the outline of a dress, and then he might think it’s just a sexy dress, but then he’ll realize all that’s going on, and he’ll be done — if you catch our drift.

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